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Working with you for success in the performing arts.

As a consultant, I enjoy the challenge of working with nonprofit performing arts organizations that seek change, transformation and revitalization.
I am motivated to help you reach your potential and achieve the success you desire. I work with you to solve problems, answer questions and build capacities, so that you achieve the delicate balance of mission, value-added initiatives, sound financial practice, governance, and community-centred operations.
I help you reach success with years of experiences, inquiring investigation, and a lot of dedicated, hard work.
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Strategic and Business Planning
Governance, Board Development
Market Research and Analysis
Operational Restructuring
Survey Design, Focus Groups
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Board Tracker

Improving succession planning.

Easily track of your directors' terms
and prepare for succession planning.


Nominations Assessor

Improving the nominations process.

Assess candidates for your board
to improve nominations process.


Board Aggregator

Assessing needs and gaps.

Assess your Directors' strengths
and discover the Board's gaps.

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Word of Mouth

Creating word-of-mouth.

Generate that extra 'buzz' with this
six-part series with actionable tips.


The Art of Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration

A detailed methodology to increase
the success of your collaborations.


Content Marketing

for performing arts organizations

Perfect for the performing arts sector
with great ideas, creative content.


Direct Marketing

for arts organizations

33 time-tested tips for successful
direct marketing campaigns.

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The Arts Blog

Rethinking arts administration.

A curated ideas to support the
success of nonprofit arts organizations.


 My Clients Include:

Paul has shown us what can be accomplished in five short years if you put yourself second and support people for their talents…

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Former Mayor, District of West Vancouver

Paul took the Kay Meek Centre gem to create a gemstone. Cut, polished, brilliant and almost perfect his - tireless, quiet, appreciative approach has given West Vancouver a true centre of excellence.

Michael Evison

Thank you for the incredible quality and quantity of work that you have done on our Theatre Strategic Plan. We are so happy that we chose you to travel this road with us. I don’t think anyone else would have been able to get us to the point you have. You have done an amazing job and it will give much needed direction to us and those coming up in the future.


You were professional, well prepared, good listener, created opportunity for new ideas and clarifying thoughts, facilitated a great process to get a “report card” on activities achieved and got us to an end point on time!!


Paul was excellent to work with and is incredibly detail oriented with a wealth of knowledge in the non-profit arts sector. His insight and recommendations as to how we may best improve the operations of our public arts centre was invaluable and fine-tuned beyond just the regular, day-to-day workings of a public space. He gave his undivided attention to the task and I would highly recommend Paul.


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